Advice on smell control, lol

Caitlin - posted on 06/15/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




Hello all! Got another question for all of you Mom's out there! I am sure that many, if not all of you, can relate when I say that when I change my son's dirty has a tendency to smell up an entire room, or even the whole house! Does anyone have suggestions on how to help that? LOL. Do diaper genies help? I've never tried one....


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you are supposed to dump the poo in the toilet, by law. Doing that gets rid of the stink.

I use cloth diapers, but when I used disposies, dumping really cuts down on the smell.

Jana - posted on 06/17/2009




I also had the diaper champ and loved it until about when my daughter was 10 months old. It was like the plastic obsorbed all of the odors for 10 months then decided to release them into the room all at once! It was horrible, I tried everything I could find online, coffee grounds, fabic sheets, baking soda you name it I tried it. After getting fed up and refusing to spend money on more daiper pails that may or may not work. I put a small trash can outside our kitchen door for poopy diapers and the wet diapers go in the kitchen trash. And haven't had a problem with smells since. I feel like a fool for not taking the simple and cheep way of containing the diaper smells from day one. hope you find something that will work for you soon.

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Open package in well ventilated area - a HEPA filter doesn't hurt either!

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for a super smelly diaper, i sprinkle a little baking soda in it, tightly bag it in a grocery bag or some other bag (you can get biodegradable ones at babies r us), and toss it immediately. we do not use a diaper system. we have a small garbage pail that we empty out when it's full. when the kiddo was a babe, it was at least once a day. now that he just uses a pull up at night, we just dump it when it's full. if you have a house, i know people who keep the pail outside in the back, in the garage, or on the patio.

dumping regularly is best, imho.

the dryer sheet is good, but really want to keep poop around for days at a time?

oh...another solution is to use toilet paper and scoop as much as possible into the toilet and flush it down. it's more sanitary that way also. poop in the landfills is really bad...gets into the groundwater, etc.

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I use grocery bags as well... that way I never have to store dirty diapers in my house. I actually would gag when I walked past the diaper genie I had in my house. I hated the mingling smell of baby powder and dirty diapers. I threw my diaper genie out and just walk and toss my diapers out the door. When my husband comes home he throws the baggies in the actual garbage.

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A good thing to do is keep a nice smelling dryer sheet in the bottom of the diaper pail. That helps with the smell.

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I have a diaper champ and like it a lot. I always wrapped the poopie diapers in a separate diposable plastic bag before putting them in there. When my son got older the poopie ones went straight to the garbage can in the garage. I use a lot of lysol spray!

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Diaper Genies do help (I don't have the actual Diaper Genie but the Diaper Dekor). I used to think like Joy does and assumed they would be a waste of money (I still think wipes warmers are a waste of money and I think bottle warmers SUCK), but my house started to smell pretty bad so I gave it a try anyway and it has definitely helped. However, even with one of those, I still bag each poopy diaper in one of those baby powder scented little garbage bags that they make just for this purpose (Sassy brand I think). If it's really bad, I double bag it (along with the dirty wipes of course). With all of those measures, and emptying out the diaper genie AT LEAST twice a week, I have been able to keep the smell under control.

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i got a diaper genie for my baby shower. it's the diaper genie 2 and i love it!!! my baby is only 8 weeks old so he's still sleeping in our bedroom in his bassinet. we keep the diaper genie right next to it so as soon as i change his diaper, i throw it in there. i've never had problems with it and can never even tell the dirty diapers are in there. it diminishes all odor!

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I liked the diaper champ, it uses regular garbage bags and then get the odor shield garbage bags!

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There's another "diaper pail" discussion going on in the Welcome to Circle of Mom's community. For the most part, I'm noticing that it's about half and half on the diaper disposal systems. Half use them and love them. Half don't use them and have no issues either. Personally, I refused to get one when my son was born because my experience with Diaper Genies is that they stink worse than the initial stink of the diapers. We keep a grocery bag hanging near our front door and at the end of the day, that bag goes straight to the outside trash. Sometimes when the diaper is really, REALLY bad we put it in a grocery bag and IMMEDIATELY take it outside lol! I wouldn't waste money on any of the diaper disposal systems but that's just me. My old roommate had one and it was just gross. When my son was first born, we bought just a regular garbage can with one of the lids that you can open with the foot pedal. It has a spot on the inside of the lid for an air freshener if you like, but we just used scented bags and they worked fine. Babies are expensive....and in my opinion, a diaper disposal system is as big a waste of money as a bottle warmer or a wipe warmer lol

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