All Of A Sudden Sleeping Problems! HELP

Tess - posted on 02/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi i have a 19month old daughter who has been an excellent sleeper since birth. My 'problem' began bout 2weeks ago and she still hasnt settled back down.. She will go too bed at 8 , if it gets any later she starts to demand to go and sits on the stair with teddy and cry. So we put her to bed at 8pm latest and she goes to sleep with her bottle and is sound asleep straight away.. but lately by 1 or 2 shes waking up sookin and trying to sleep but its like shes uncomfy with her body and she starts to throw her legs and rolls into the wall etc... but she is trying to sleep.. i end up givin her another bottle itf it doesnt settle to which she will go back to sleep til its time for her to get up.. what can i do etc.. what is it or what does it sound like?? to me its like she is annoyed with her body or so..


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Robin - posted on 02/21/2010




Is your daughter teething? It may be that when she falls asleep that that's when her teeth start to bother her.
Kids go through all sorts of sleep stuff, and usually it passes and she becomes a serene little sleeper again. The only other thing I may suggest is to make sure she goes to bed at 8 every night, and make a routine maybe starting about 7:30 or so..that way she'll know that she's gonna be in bed soon and she doesn't need to be upset.
Would rubbing her back or legs be helpful? Maybe she has trouble relaxing because of teeth or growing. Good luck and I hope this helps!

Kristen - posted on 02/17/2010




I don't now what "sookin" means but my 2.5 year old has gone through various sleeping issues. He went a couple of weeks where he woke up crying 3-4 times every night & we had to go in his room, turn his "fishtank" on (plays music, attaches to the crib). Then he sleeps fine again after that. So just hang in there. She's probably frustrated she can't fall back to sleep & is over tired & cranky. It should get better soon!

Shannon - posted on 02/15/2010




She might be experiencing growing pains, our two year old did this for a little while. We just rubbed her legs etc this seemed to ease it a little. Or she may just be getting hungry and the bottle is filling her up until it is time to wake up. Our daughter started waking up early in the morning for bottles and we realised she was hungry so we moved our dinner time back an hour, gave her her bottle and she started sleeping through again. But sometimes they go through stages of just getting up through the night. They do get over it though. Hope this has been helpful. Good luck x

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