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i have a 3 year old who doesnt eat a full meal she picks here and there

and i am tring to get her to sit down with me and her sister and a have a full meal

have any ideas plus she drinks alot of milk how do i get her to slow down on drinking to much milk

she has about 4 or more glasses a day

any idea please and thanks


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Kelly - posted on 01/13/2009




I would wait to offer her milk after she has finished eating her meal. My kids do that, sit waiting for food and fill up on drinks instead. Also make sure you have set meal and snack times, and try to be very regimented with it, at least at first. That will help.

Tasha - posted on 01/13/2009




Both of my girls would love to graze all day- At meal time when they get up from the table their food is gone, they don't get a chance to come back and pick, I give a small snack in between meals, and that is at the table and when they are done with the portion or they get up they are done. It is hard to stick to sometimes, but they have learned that is when they eat. As long as they get at least 1 good meal in a day, I don't worry too much. Try alternating milk and water, "you can't have another glass of milk until you drink some water" or just give milk at meals???? SHe may be filling up on milk during the day and just not that hungry.

You need to do what you are comfortable with.

My biggest problem is me sitting thier the whole time they are eating (setting an example for them to sit with me at meal time) especially during the day when it is just me and them.

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