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Wwvoguedue - posted on 03/09/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost 2 year old has been known as the happiest boy up until the past few months. All he does is scream or cry or demand and then flip it if he doesn't get his way. I try talking calmly to him but he won't even look at me trying to talk to him. Things have been agreasful.jn the house lately and I've been yelling a little bit (trust me I'm not proud but I can only handle so much). Do you think my yelling or frustration has anything to do with his behavior? I'm thinking it does. Like I said, I try speaking him but the only way he listens is if I raise my voice and I want this to change. Advise???


Sarah - posted on 03/09/2017




He is at an age where his intellect is more advanced that his verbal skills and he is pushing for more independence. When he can't tell you what he wants or is feeling, it will often show as frustration or rage. There is no reasoning with an irate toddler. Best option is to tell him firmly "mommy will help you when you are done with your fit" one time, and walk away. The less attention you give him, the shorted the tantrum will last. It may get worse at first but as he clues in that you are ignoring him, it will improve. You are human, so give yourself a break, but yes, you yelling models how he should act as well. Lots of praise for "big boy" behavior. This come with the territory of having a 2 yo. making sure he is well rested and fed can help with a short fuse too.

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