Angry toddler... need help controling her the right way instead of just getting mad... HELP!

Brittany - posted on 01/02/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My toddler will be two tomorrow and she gets so mad at things such as throwing toys, pulling hair on my other kids, hitting, breaking things. How can I get control of her now before it gets worse? I never had a problem like this with my other kids.


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I would say that it pretty typical toddler behavior. The easiest thing to do is to re-direct her behavior and express emphathy for her feelings. E.g., I know you are frustrated but we don't hit. Let's play with this instead.


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Dora - posted on 01/04/2011




I completely agree with Rebecca. Redirection works wonders. You just have to make sure to talk to her about what she has don and why it's not nice while your re-directing her. Also the nice thing about re-directing is that you are physically showing her what is and what is not acceptable behavior. In my opinion time outs at this age won't work as well because she is learning how to communicate. The behavior she is exhibiting is the only way for her to show how she is feeling. She is still too young to verbally explain why she is mad or sad so she acts it out. Good luck.

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