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Just curious as to how many mom's disallow their children watching television? I think it's the worst possible distraction in many cases.... and too often used as a way to just keep the child calm. I don't mind family tv time, as something to learn to cherish, but I don't like seeing parents sit their kid in front of a tv most of a day.... maybe it's because I'm so active - I would rather get my kids into sports and things, and when you start them young, they learn to grow and love that. I've heard the whole "well I need time to get things done" be it cleaning, or whatever but I still don't get it. I'm a young mom, 19, of 2 beautiful kids. My daughter is 3, and my son is 14 months old and the only tv either of them watch is sports and even that is only 3 times a weeks at the most. My daughter is very active on a toddler soccer and t-ball team, and is actually genuinely into sports, and prefers watching them to cartoons - she'll ask if there's a game on sometimes. When she is home and I have other things to do, I find ways to make her help me... rather it's letting her play in the bubbles as I do dishes, or letting her pretend to sweep or vacuum or whatever and I praise her help and thank her often so she feels like she's making mommy so proud and she loves the attention. My son likes watching sports only for the excitement it causes in our family, he likes to cheer along with us and since he can't do as much as my daughter, when I have things to do and he's with me, I find something he'll play with for 10-15 minutes and hurry through what I have to do while it keeps his attention... I would rather occasionally leave whatever I'm doing to go make him happy, play with him, than sit him in front of a tv and let him learn to depend on that.


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I'm not anti-tv but I do limit the amount of time my son watches it. He's 3 and if I let him, I know he would probably love to sit and watch episode after episode of Thomas. I let him have half an hour in the morning with breakfast. Then it's get dressed and outside play time for about an hour or so. Then he helps me with chores like what you were saying Ana. Helps me wash dishes (a.k.a. plays with the bubbles), helps sort or fold laundry (loves putting stuff in the dryer). He used to actually sit on the vacuum while I ran it but he went through this wierd phase where he was afraid of it and now he just sits and watches me. He has his own broom and helps me sweep. We go for walks, try to stay active. In the afternoon he gets crayon or "art" time. He has access to all his toys all day long. After dinner and bath, he gets another half hour of Thomas (he's on a Thomas kick...YAY). Then it's to bed. SOMEtimes, I admit that I do put something on the tv if I need a break myself for whatever reason. But I never just sit him in front of the tv for hours while I do my thing. My in-laws got upset at me recently because they wanted to buy him a tv for his 3rd birthday (which is this coming Sunday) and they wanted me to set it up in his room. I said it was ok for them to get it for him (it's the cool Cars one with the built in DVD player) but that it would definitely NOT be going in his room. I'll set it up here in the office next to my computer or in the living / dining room area. They decided to not get it for him because they just didn't understand my choice and aren't happy with it. Oh well? My kid, my rules lol

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Our son did not watch tv at all before the age of 1. Now at almost 2 he watches a bit of tv here and there. He spends more time reading, playing and enjoying the outdoors with me and his dad so I don't see anything wrong with a little tv watching here and there now that he's getting a bit older. However we did feel strongly about not letting him watch tv before the age of 1 and did a lot of reading and singing instead.


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I am not fully anti-TV, but I HATE to have it on just because it's there. Seriously, several family members come visit or we visit them and they want to put on Sprout "to have it in the background" or whatever. Um, NO! I find that my son will play less/eat less/ whatever if the TV is just on. We visited family for a week, and they finally got to saying "no TV because Aunt Julie says no". I don't care. If they are playing, they are playing. If they are reading/looking at books, they are doing that. They don't NEED tv! I don't keep the TV on just b/c I'm home, either. I'm either watching it or I'm not. If something is on, it's the radio or maybe one of those music stations on the satellite.

I'll let him watch TV for

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i'm not entirely anti-tv, I haver some dvds that I use on occasion. I have satellite now but it's cancelled at the end of the month. I didn't like how often I got suckered into turning the TV on to distract the girls so |I could get stuff done, even though I said I would never do that. I find the more the TV is on, the less my daughter (almost 2) listens to me, and when the TV is on, she never plays with her toys properly, she's always throwing them and getting frustrated at everything. I'm sure that not having the TV on all the time will help her.

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