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Within the last 3 weeks our 3 year old started showing some signs of anxiety. In particular separation anxiety. She never got upset going to day care or going to dance lessons, now all of a sudden she cries and clings. She has been dancing since Sept. but now she cries at class and no longer wants to dance. She is disrupting the other kids in the class. We have started thinking about a reward chart to encourage her to participate. So far it has not worked. My question is are we pushing her too much? Where is the line between pushing and just stopping the things she does not want to do? I don't want to encourage the anxiety and thus the response to "just quit" but I also don't want to stress her even more. Suggestions?


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I hear you! I grew up with anxiety problems which my parents looked at as just being clingy. I remember mine starting at around 4 or five...I also had problems sleeping. I acted out and always distracted other people in school and could not seem to focus as if I had ants in my pants. I am now 31 and have finally been diagnosed with panic disorder which I now take medication for and it has completely changed my life!

In your situation this might not be the case but I would probably keep a journal or something on her general behavior. I would also inform your doctor because sometimes anxiety can occur when your vitamins are out of whack. Just in case please don't ignore it because anxiety issues caused me a ton of unnecessary problems growing up.

Best of luck :)

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