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Kassanrdra - posted on 02/22/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm at a total loss of activites to do with my 4yr old daughter at home..unfortunatly the weather usually isn't the best to go outdoors either it's raining or it's 110 degrees..she has a pretty short attention span enless she is playing on the computer but than that's her playing that and me sitting watching tv because she doesn't like you to help her she wants to always figure it all out on her own...ANY IDEAS??!?! I feel bad we don't do more together. Thanks In Advance


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Jan - posted on 02/24/2009




My sons favorite activity is to sit with mommy and do puzzles. He also enjoys coloring with me. We also have the little leaps learning system that works with our DVD player so he can play the games and I am right there with him if he needs help. I also have a home made recipe for playdough and finger paint if you are interested.

Maureen - posted on 02/23/2009




I take my 4 and 5 year olds to the library. We have open gym times at several community centers in the area that allows them to run around and play with other kids when the weather won't allow us to be outside. They currently go to a small gymnastics class once a week. I also set up playdates with other kids close to their ages. Find a moms group to join that does different activities. That helps break your week of just staying at home.

Paige - posted on 02/23/2009




Hi Kassandra, Do you have any craft books at home? If not, I take a trip once a week to the library and get books for my son (he's 2.5). I usually have a theme for that week and try to get books relating to that theme. I usually do one craft a day or we play a game. I'm stuck indoors too. I live in Erie, PA. so there's 100 ft. of snow on the ground and it's always cold here. I get stir crazy too (not being able to go out and run around), but I just flood him with stuff to do. As for her short attention span, alot of activities (crafts,games, ect.) are usually no more than 10-15min. so you can go from one to the next and she'll have fun! I've worked in early childcare centers before and the idea for preschoolers is structure. If you put a bit more structure in your daily routine, I bet she'll want to do more stuff and her attention span will get longer! I hope this helps!! Paige ;)

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