Any advice and how to stop my 3yr son having his dummy to sleep with?


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Itsamystery - posted on 03/07/2009




try painting the dummy with the anti-nail biting stuff... tastes awful and is safe for children. I used this stuff on my nipples to night wean my 17 month old, it worked, he hated it and stopped asking for feeds with little fuss. You could tell him the dummy has gone bad, is spoiled, or is old.

They say not for under 2s if you're actually using it to discourage nail biting, but that's only b/c it interferes with learning to self feed - when they feed themselves and taste the nail biting stuff they're discouraged from eating. For the purpose of getting rid of the dummy it's fine on under 2s (I know your son is 3 but just for anyone else thinking of trying this).

Susan - posted on 03/06/2009




I'm guessing by dummy you mean blanket, stuffed animal, etc? Why don't you want him to sleep with a lovey? My son has just gotten into stuffed animals and his crib is full of them, plus his blanket. I see nothing wrong with it! But, maybe you could just tell him that his dummy wants to sleep on the floor beside him rather than in bed? And then ultimately take it away? Hope this help!

Jolleen - posted on 03/06/2009




My son is now 16 mths and i took his dummy away cold will have a rough day or 2 but he will forget soon enough.or you can cut of piece for piece until there is nothing left.goodluck!

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