Any advice for a two hour plane ride with a 10 month old??


Wenzel - posted on 02/03/2009




My husband and I have taken our son on 3 plane rides, San Diego at 5 and 14 months and Kauai at 10 months. I found a check list on another which was more than helpful because you can customize it to your child's age. Make sure you bring a pacifier or a bottle for your baby to suck on during take off and landing, this prevents their ears from popping.

I found ready to use formulas in individual bottles are much easier than mixing powder and water on the plane. Before going trough the check gates, your baby's food should be taken out of the bag and put in a zip lock makes checking in less stressful.

Bring something familiar like a favorite toy or a book...don't bring too much because it's only a 2 hour'll go by quicker than you think.

Extra change of clothes is a must as well as orajel swabs if your baby's teething.

I also had him in a baby carrier which gave me 2 free hands so it was easier for me to go through the whole check in process...just make sure you take your baby out of the carrier before the plane takes off.

Try to relax during your flight because your baby will sense your feelings and might get fussy if you're stressed. I hope this helps and enjoy your trip!


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I found giving my daughter a dummy (soother) or bottle of milk (or breastfeed) during take off and landing helped ward off any problems with her ears.  Book a flight that coincides with nap time.  Take a little backpack of toys/books/stickers/crayons for your child and wrap up some new toys (or old ones that haven't been seen for a while).  The wrapping paper seems to work a treat as it adds an element of surprise to the toy.  Take your child's favourite snacks for them to munch on, and extra clothes in case it's cold.  Mind you, we went on a flight that was BOILING and ended up stripping our little girl down to her nappy. Books books and more books entertained our daughter for a lot of the flight as she loves them.  I bought some new ones and some second hand ones for her to devour on the plane. Also if your child has a comforter (our daughter has a puppy she always takes to bed), remember to take it with you.  Have fun!

Jami - posted on 02/02/2009




I know fly often with my son who is now 22 months. But the first time was about 10 months. And his pedatrician recommended that I give him tylenol before flights it helps alot with the pain from ear pressure. And like everyone else always pack lots of snacks and toys, books usually work very well for me! Good luck. Have a safe trip!

Colleen - posted on 02/02/2009




Do you nurse?  If so nurse during take-off and landing if possible.  Also, I planned the plane time aroung nap times.  That really helped.  He would nurse then fall asleep in my arms for teh entire ride.  Good Luck.

Kotie - posted on 02/02/2009




speak to your pharmacist / doctor.  i know there is a anti-histamine that you can safely give to your baby, which will make them sleep.

Don't know the name though.  Sorry

Julia - posted on 02/01/2009




hi, we took our gril on airplane first tiem when she was 10.5 month.  (7.5 hours flight)First - she had soother almost all the time - it helped with ear pressure. secound - new toys - I let he even "pick" them at the store. so I know she would be excited about them. Easy snakcs, allot of water. I brough my food and formula in a can to be safe. ALso wew were lucke nad onthe way there we had chance to apgrate to first class and put blanket on the floor and let her play there. On the way back it was nigth nad I gaev her taylenol - it helped her sleep. Good luck and everything will be fine!

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i took my 3 to south africa so that was a 10 hour flight... i was really dreading it and regretting it! they were 8, 2 and 1 at the time.. but they were suprising ok.. its all new to them so they were ok.. gave them plenty of snacks, tv was on, they had lots of sleep and like you say, take new things for them to play with.. 2 hours will fly by.. (excuse the punn!) xx

Fiona - posted on 02/01/2009




Exciting times! I would suggest lots of snacks (things that will last like raisins and crackers)

A book of stickers,maybe take a little backpack with some new don't have to buy new ones really ,just remove some favorite 3or4 days before you go and bring them out in-flight.

I would also encourage you to take a change of clothes for baby and a top for you.some babies get air sick(but I'm sure yrs won't)have fun.x

Cerena - posted on 02/01/2009




Take a portable DVD player...if you dont have one, see if a friend will let you borrow one! It helped us out alot!

Leah - posted on 02/01/2009




Hi we took our year old son on a four hour flight and were dreading it! but it actually was ok, if you are going econemy and are worried about space when you check in ask for the first row of seats they wont let you have exit seat because of health and saftey but we were given the seats with the wall of the toilets in front which gives you some room on the floor, we were lucky enough not to have anybody sitting next to us in the third seat. we put Jack on the floor with loads of toys.

i think the trickest thing is when they have to sit on your lap for take off and landing does your baby have a favourite toy or snack i distracetd Jack with my keys! as he loves to play with them.

if all else fails just remember try not to get stressed or worry about other people at the end of the day it is only 2 hours it will come to an end!! and they were all babies once too!!

good luck

Leah and Jack xxx

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