Any advice on how to get your 4 yr. old to stop throwing fits daily over nothing at all????


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Maria - posted on 06/05/2010




My 4 year old will throw more fits now than I remember him doing when he was younger. In my case he is testing his boundaries. I have started giving him a choice of you can do this or you can choose that depending on what the tantrum is over. I make sure that both choices are okay with me and that neither puts him in danger.

Maggie - posted on 06/04/2010




what might be "nothing" to you is probably a big deal to your child. Kids don't see the big picture like adults can. Give an example of what the child is having fits over...more information is always helpful.

Louise - posted on 06/03/2010




You need to take control as mum and put your foot down. If there is no reason for these outbursts then you need to apply the ignore technique. If this is at home them this is better. Start this technique on a Monday and say to your son today we are not going to have any screaming and shouting because from now on you are a big boy and big boys don't do that. Make sure you get down on to his level and look him in the eyes. Tell him if he starts to be naughty he will go to his room and stay there until he can be calm. Make sure his room is perfectly safe and put a stair gate on it to stop him walking straight back out. If you think he is about to throw a fit then remind him again about going to his room to calm down if he continues you pick him up no eye contact no verbal and put him in his room and walk away. He will go absolutely spare the first couple of times you do this so be warned. After 10 minutes if he is still throwing a fit go and warn him he will stay there until he stops that noise and can be a big boy then walk away. He will soon get the message that mum means business. You must always carry out the punishment so he understands that screaming will get him no where but on his own in his room. It is quite tough to do as a mum to walk away from a distressed child but it is the only way some children understand that throwing a fit will not get them what they want. Eventually the paddies will get fewer and then he should be more reasonable. Give it a try you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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