Any moms have any ideas how I can get this done with a Toddler?

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Okay so I took awhile and decided about a few months ago that I would buy my mother inlaw this really nice blank book and write her a story,I love to write stories btw(and this book is GORGEOUS,it has nice quality,handmade in Italy,and has a mirror on the front). My original plan was to write a murder mystery called "The Mirror Murders". LOL. I know how corny or cheesy you must think that is since I am like 23,haha,but I enjoy making gifts for the ones I love. It didn't work out so I have decided to fill the book with poems especially for her and such. It will be for christmas but I am in a crunch. I barely have time for myself let alone doing this book especially when I am a SAHM to my almost 15 month old son and he keeps me busy enough. His father works 40+ hours a week and I have no one else to watch my kid so I can have time to finish the book. And I don't know what to do. Anyone have any ideas? I am writing it with a really nice pen that when you write it comes out in black(and kind of a little wet with the ink). Also the book only has about 4 poems in it. It' also has about 170 pages with lines in it of course on both sides of the paper. I was thinking of putting a picture of her on the inside cover or maybe an angel,any of you have any advice on that or ideas?

Maybe you'll understand alot more if I give you a bit of background information. I met my hubby in 2007 and went to see his parents a couple times. The first time I met his mom I just fell in love with how great of a person she is. She means the absoulute world to me and I don't know what I would do without her. The 2nd time I visited my husbands parents we had just gotten engaged(this was the time when we were just dating for about 3 months),they were waiting outside for us! OMG! And she had her wedding ring on that looked JUST like my engagement ring but slightly different. Anyways,she has been through so much and she always looks at life in a positive way. She has 4 sons but sadly one of them died at the age of 11 many years ago (he had down syndrome and some other kind of disease). Anyways she has always been there for me. My hubby and I married on the exact day we met,May 5th. Our wedding date was May 5th 2009. We had our first son August 24th,2009. Unfortunetly my mom couldn't be there for the birth so I asked my mother in law if she would be in the room with me(I know how odd that must sound but that's how much she meant to me,I feel very comfortable with her). My in laws had arrived at the hospital at 8am and stayed awake until 2:30am the next day! Yeah it took me that long with everything. As my mother in law came in at 2:30am the next day,she said she was going out to the car to sleep,and the nurse said Nope,we are having a baby. Poor thing! She stayed up that long not to mention the 2 hours it took me to push my son out(who looked just like his father in everyway). She stayed by my side holding my legs and told me when to push. She was my angel(my hubby did help too hehe). Anyways at 4:20am our wonderful son Theodore was born. The nurses put him on my chest real quick and then went to clean him off. And I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. I told myself I wasn't going to cry...I was way too exhausted for that but when I looked over at my mother in law and saw tears coming down her face, I just started bawling. I am even tearing up as I write this because she means so much to me and I want to show her how much she really means to me. This woman has always been there for me and she is the best MIL I could have ever asked for.

I want to show her just how much she means to me in this book because I just have a feeling she will enjoy it. Sorry this is so long.


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It sounds like you share a very special relationship with your MIL that is wonderful! :) I would say to take advantage of all the down time that you have so that you can finish your poem book. I would use up the time that you have when your son is napping and after he goes down for the night. Good luck and have fun! :)

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