Any of your little 4 years olds like to stay up or you let them stay up till midnight?

Wendy - posted on 01/14/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




our daughter is 4 years old and doesnt want to go to sleep on time around 8:30 knowing she has to be up at 6 am. She will stay up till midnight and it drives me crazy because she wont go to sleep till late but I want to go to bed around 10pm since I have to be up to get the kids up at 6 am for school. When her father goes to work (2 weeks out of the month) I sometimes let her sleep with me since her father is away so much :( heartbreaking. What can I do or should do? Thankyou for your advice


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Casey - posted on 01/15/2011




Be firm and get her into a routine, just remember your the mum and shes the kid therefore she must do what you say. I fell into that trap of letting my two year old son sleep with me while my other half was away working and it ended up being a nightmare so I would nip that in the butt right now too, you need to have a night time routine eg: dinner at 6:30pm, bath time at 7:00pm, brush teeth at 7:30pm, bedtime story at 7:45pm and then lights out at 8:00pm and everytime she gets out of her bed you take her straight back there with no more cuddles or stories, shes old enough to no right from wrong so now it's time to get tough.

Sarah - posted on 01/14/2011




I am a very routine person when it comes to bedtimes and naptimes. I do allow for special exceptions for those special times.....grandma visits, Christmas, New Years, etc. We have a bedtime routine that starts about 1/2 an hour before bed. Bath, brush teeth, read a book, say prayer etc. This way it helps wind them down for bed and it also lets them know it is time to get ready for bed. Then we have a pretty set bedtime, so that way their body gets used to going to bed about the same time each day. I can't force them to fall asleep, but I do require them to lay in their bed with nightlight on only, no books or toys and they need to be quite. They can talk but it has to be soft quite talking. For naps I find that as they get older they tend to sleep less, but that "rest time" is a need for both them and me. For bedtime I find that it does not take long before they are sleeping.

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