Any other Mom have children with vesicoureteral reflux??


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Hi! My name is Holli. I have 4 children, 2 of which had VUR. My oldest we found out by accident right before his 4th bday. The 2nd was only 3mo old and we were told we had to have her tested. She had it as well. My oldest is now 11yr old and doing great. He had a bi-lateral hemi-nephrectomy (means they took out 2 kidneys). His reflux was the worst any of the doctors had ever seen, but it only goes to grade 5, so that's what they put him has. The other had it at grade 3, but with her, it was low enough that they put her on preventative medication and it corrected itself. I have had all four of my children tested and have no problems answering any questions anyone has on this. Seeings as I have dealt with this since 2001, I would be happy to help anyone with any questions or recommendations.

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My daughter was just diagnosed with it grade 4 in her left side and only grade 2 in her right.  She is on antibiotics now and probably for the next few years.  I am hoping that she will outgrown it.  Her doctors think that she will the right side but not the left. 

Thanks for your response.  It is such a random thing that it is nice to know that other kids have it too.

Dimitra - posted on 01/20/2009




Hi there, my older son has it.  He had a UTI at 3 months old and was tested for VUR.  He is now just over 2 yrs old and is going to get tested again.  My doctor says he has a mild case and should grow out of it.  He was tested just after his first birthday and still had it.  He has been on antibiotics since he was first diagnosed ( this is so that he does not get another UTI).  I am hoping that he has outgrown it.

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