any sugestions on how to settle down a 2 year old

Lynn - posted on 01/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi, my name is lynn. i have a 2 yr. old daughter. she gets into everything, climbs everything.she doesn't listen at all. any suggetions on what i can do to stop her from climbing and getting into things and have her listen to me.


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Sarah - posted on 01/20/2009




From extensive research with other moms and asking lots of questions,  my advice is to man the exits and wait until she turns three. 

I, too, have a two year old tornado.  The only thing that works for us is 'consequences.'  (sounds pretty cute coming from a 2 year old.) Time outs, I take away the only hour of TV he gets for a day (major tragedy), I take away favorite toys...etc.   You get the picture.

She needs your undivided attention, and that is sometimes not a possibility.  I mean, we are supermoms, but even we have to pee.  So, make sure you get her attention, talk to her in short sentences, and in an adult tone.  Then, let her make her decisions. 

The MOST important part is to follow through and make sure that if you are co-parenting that both parties are on the SAME page.

I wish you luck and hope to hear from you when she turns three. 

Gotta go, two-year-old on the loose!

Rebekah - posted on 01/20/2009




Im just wondering if she has your attention during these times or is it because she doesnt have your attention that she's climbing and getting into things? The reason I ask is because my 2 yo heathen will climb, destroy, demolish, and drag out whatever she can if she feels she does not have my attention. Makes taking/making a phone call incredibly hard not to mention needing to complete my school work. As for listening, again, it might be that she doesnt have your attention. Have you tried kneeling and 'getting down to her level' and using incredibly simple 'commands' such as 'no bite'/ ' we dont bite' or 'no climb'/'we dont climb' (but not baby talk) versus long drawn out explanations she may not yet have comprehension of? Not that she doesn't understand or cant gain it but you have to have foundation before building. Again, my 2 year old responds better when I kneel and have her face to face and keep it simple even though she is entirely capable of understanding more complex sentence structures and concepts. I would also overly 'reward' appropriate behavior with verbal recognition and praise. Just a thought.

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