Any suggestions for being potty trained on a little plastic potty but won't use a toilet?

Jennifer - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Our 2.5-yr-old son is potty trained at home for the most part because he can use the little plastic potty we have. But he has to wear diapers in public and at daycare because he won't use toilets (even with the little kid seats). He's fine sitting on a toilet, but he won't go in it ... he'll hold it until he gets off the toilet and goes in the little potty. Anyone else experienced this, and do you have any suggestions? Daycare has already said they won't let us bring a little potty in for him to use for sanitary reasons.


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Jenine - posted on 10/03/2009




I totally went through that with my son! Couple of suggestions...keep in mind we are a little redneck in our technique:) We made a little game of peeing on trees and such in the yard or wherever (just to get him comfortable with using something besides the potty)...Daddy needs to show him the cool things they can do while peeing:) After he was comfortable with that we bought him his own 'special' stool for 'big boys', then one day he came home and his potty was gone...he asked where it went and I told him there was a poor lil boy who didn't have one so I knew he would want to help this boy and I gave it to him...he felt really good for helping this imaginary boy! Then I did not put any diapers in the house told him we were done! Good luck!

DeeDee - posted on 10/02/2009




i might suggest that if you don't think he is afraid of the big toilet, then maybe show him how you and daddy use the big potty. maybe get him excited about how you flush stuff down the toilet by having him help you pour the little potty into the big potty and flush. then he might get the idea that the big potty is the place for the pee. my son likes that he can stand up to pee at the big potty. good luck.

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