any suggestions on how to get a 2yr old of a dummy ... but diffrence is he wont give it up because his little sis has one !!! he feels left out if he doesnt have one i dont no what to do ????its the same with bottles !!!


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Melinda - posted on 01/27/2009




We did the same thing, told our little girl the Binkie Fairy was going to come and take her Binkie's because the little babies needed them more than hers since she was a big girl. Made a huge deal about it, had her decorate a box, put her binkies into it and put it in the mailbox one night. In the morning the Fairy left a gift for her and a note thanking her. She never asked for them again after that.

Kelly - posted on 01/27/2009




i used the dummy fairy trick like the tooth fairy but for dummies and let him know y she needs they and i told my lil girl that little babies need them more than she does and she went and found them for the little babies and we hung them in the tree an we replaced them with money and a thankyou note

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