Any tips for getting a 1 year old to quit pulling on, ripping out, chewing on my hair.


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Kelly - posted on 01/27/2009




my lil girl pulls my hair and as nasty as it snds wen she does it i pull her lightly like jus enough to show her what she is doin and she doesnt do it all the time but will chance it every now and then

Jana - posted on 01/26/2009




My 17 month old just started pulling my hair.  I tell her once "Do not pull" when/if she does it again I put her down and she just looks at me.  When I do pick her up again she doesn't pull my hair.  I have to do this about once a day.  This method works of the moment, I just waiting for it to "click"  that she can't pull my hair.  I did notice today when I had to put her down, that she started to pull her hair and winced.  So maybe she will get the message soon.  But I use firm quick words "Do not pull"  "That hurts"  Good luck

[deleted account]

My son used to pull my hair all the time as well. As soon as he did it, I put him down and walked away from him. Usually he'll come after me and I'll pick him up again pretty soon, but put him down again if he pulls my hair again. He's 17 months now and doesn't do it anymore. He does take some chances pulling his sister's hair every now and again.

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