Any tips on getting your kid off the bottle

Mary - posted on 06/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter will not go to bed unless we give her a bottle. Does anyone have tips and how to get her to go to bed without the bed? It would be nice if we don't have to worry about give it to her every night. Please help me


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Traci - posted on 06/14/2009




Kids are never supposed to be given a bottle at bedtime, as you have probably learned, that is a terrible habit to fall into. My little brother had to have his 4 front teeth pulled because of doing that. That is TERRIBLE for little teeth. It'll be hard to break now that it has been established, but you have to just quit cold turkey. If the child is over a year, they shouldn't be having a bottle period, only cups. I would say buy some sippy cups, throw the bottles in the trash and prepare yourself for a rough couple of nights. It shouldn't take longer than that for your little one to get over it...good luck! :)

Kristin - posted on 06/10/2009




When I was getting my son off the bottle ( he's 17 months ) I would just give him a sippy cup all day and just let him have the bottle at night and then in like a month I just took the night bottle and switched it to a special sippy cup. Which he only gets at night. I was a long proses but I worked so well I don't think he missed the bottle at all. So good luck.

Perla - posted on 06/09/2009




I have found out that simple is best. I don't know how old your baby is but mine was about two and ahalf. One night I told her that there wasn't any milk, so she wasn't having a bottle. After a few minutes of whining over her bottle, I said as if it were a great remedy, very excited, "Oh I know what we can do!! I can give you water in your bottle instead of milk!! she agreed as if it were a great idea. She was relieved!! And after a couple of days of water in a bottle, she stopped asking for it.

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The manufacturers of baby products have quite a bit of good things going on now. When I decided to transition my youngest child from a bottle to a cup, I went to the store and got her an AVENT bottle from Philips. It came with a nipple and a sippy cup tip that fit into the same ring on the top of the bottle. I was able to have her start using it as a bottle with the nipple until she got used to it. The sippy cup tip is one that is spill proof and uses sucking action when you have the spill stopper in it. It is the same sucking motion that they use with the nipple, so they have no problem using the sippy tip. But they will be using the sippy tip instead of the nipple tip. And when your child is advanced enough, you can take out the sip stopper and let the natural flow of fluids flow through the sippy tip until they get used to the flow. This will be very similar to the flow of using a regular cup that YOU use to drink. By the time that they have mastered this sippy cup, they should be showing an interest in wanting to use the cup you are drinking from. They will initiate their own use by fussing with you for your cup. LOL. We are going through this final process right now. It sure has been fun making the transitions with this one bottle/cup. And because the design was so easy for her to transition...she has had absolutely no problem using any other type of sippy cup or regular cup at all.

Diane - posted on 06/07/2009




Maybe you could try giving her water only in the bottle for a few nights, then just take it away after that.

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