Any tips on pottytraining


Tju - posted on 05/25/2009




How old is your child?? My Son (12 month) start his potty training when he can sat by himself (7 month),, ussually my son will show a sign when he want to defecate, so i will take him to sit on his toilet potty, and help him. For train him to pee, i ussually will take him to toilet every time he wake up from his sleep and few minute after he taken his meal, or lunch, or after he take a lot of water. Because i watch him several time that he will take a pee in those time. so i train him to go to toilet at those time. in asia (especially in Indonesia), almost mother will not use diaper for whole days (only at night and when travelling), so if his pants getting wet, he will cry or bubling. this is more easy to teach them that pee at the toilet is more comfortable for him. I still train him also. i just go slow and try to not force on him. Good luck...

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