any tricks to potty training?


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Arcayla - posted on 02/27/2010




I have 4 & 5 yr old daughters and for the oldest potty training was tough. My second daughter caught on fast from watching her big sister. But I found that she did not like the potty but preferred to use the big toilet like everyone else. So I bought her a seat for the toilet and a stool, and we were on a roll from there. She refused to use the potty. So for both of them I bypassed the potty and went right to the big toilet. The key is patience.

Trista - posted on 02/27/2010




Patience, not attaching to an outcome, and understanding that some toddlers may take a looooong time. Pregnant and having a mother undergoing treatment for breast cancer while my daughter was 2 I waited till Mum got the all clear and baby popped out. So at 3 we started the process. After a month we took a break - sleep deprivation (newborn induced) and toilet training made Mummy a little frazzled! After our break we started again with a rewards chart and incredible jumping around and hooplah for success. One week later wees were done. I have to say though it was my daughters decision to toilet train not mine! Now poos were a completely different matter. My daughter had huge, huge issues around poo in the toilet. She would hold on for days (dont let anyone tell you it can't be done) until she was constipated. Traumatic for all concerned.
We never used a potty. She had no interest in it. We went straight to the toilet because it was what she knew. I was advised to leave the door open when I went for her sake so that's what I did. For some kids the whole big boy big girl thing works. My girl clung to being a baby (having a new baby sister exacerbated this).
Constant praise for the good. Rewards, the promise of rewards. Calling Daddy, Grandma, Aunties to tell the good news to. Ignoring the accidents or re-iterating where the poo or wee is meant to go. And the biggest key to it working...Is your child ready? Honestly without societal pressure, is your child ready?

Elsbeth - posted on 02/24/2010




my little guy spends a lot of time naked...he's great at peeing in the potty now (we have it in the living room where he plays for him to pee in) but now he likes to pee in the toilet.

Any tips on getting number two to be done on the potty or toilet? he just won't do that without a diaper on. i'm not too worried yet but i'd appreciate any tips you have out there!

Rachel - posted on 02/24/2010




have his dad take him to the potty with him show him how to do it. he will want to be a big boy. also i found that taking their diaper of completley work for me just let him run around naked. bring the potty out of the bathroom and put it where he plays. i put some cherrios in the bottom and told him to aim for them. that seemed to work best for me.

Melissa - posted on 02/24/2010




i got the fisher price sing a long potty chair it looks like a fun toy and he would want to use, and i started by putting it infront of the tv and put him on it and let him watch tv and after a few times doing that i took off his diaper and told him "go peepee!" and when he did the potty chair started to sing, and he got so excited now he loves when its time to go potty. They have that chair at wal-mart for $30.00

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