anyone else's kid ever fractured their leg?

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My son (13 months) fractured his tibia in two places while at grandma's. His older cousins (age 2 1/2) were being too rough and knocked him down... anyways what was it like, how did they act, healing time? Tell me your experience this has been horrible he didn't seem too uncomfortable the first day or two but now he is miserable (we both are). I wish he could tell me how to make him more comfortable. I'm already doing everything the doctor suggested but he has been crying a lot :( poor baby I'm so angry and upset I want my baby better!


Amber - posted on 09/19/2010




My daughter was 11 months old when she fractured her leg (also with grandma!!!). It depends on the fracture how long it will take to heal. My daughter had a hairline fracture, its pretty small, and it took like 3 weeks to heal. She taught herself to crawl with her cast and everything and when it was off she was fine. She learned how to walk at 15 months, so pretty normal timing, it probably did delay it because of the fracture though.


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Jen - posted on 09/05/2010




i broke my leg in the same place wen i was in infant school. my mom was washing the patio and told me not to come out but i did not listen. i was in plaster for quite a while n missed out on most of a year at school it was the last year n because i was two young to go on crutches they wouldnt let me go there anymore but this other girl could it was toatally unfair. but the way my mum made me comfortable was to put a pillow under my leg in my wheelchair. take me out to my fav places slept down stairs with me get me a home teacher just mommy n child time. its probley harder for a baby because they cant say what they need but just keep doing what yoour doing n try to distract him with toys etc it wont last forever good luck hope he feels better soon.

Dora - posted on 09/05/2010




I am so sorry your baby got hurt. I agree with Kelly try to find different things to help distract him. Try getting him out for a lot of walks in his stroller. While he is in his stroller keep talking to him in order to get his mind off of trying to climb out of the stroller. Go to the park and put him in the swing.

Kelly - posted on 09/05/2010




I really feel for you. My two and a half year old recently fractured his wrist and that was bad enough! At 13 months, on top of every thing else, your son would have to be incredibly frustrated at being immobile all over again! Maybe it's a case of needing to find new ways to distract him and keep him occupied to take his mind off things.

I wish I could give you more! Best of luck with everything!

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