anyone ever had there child on pulmicort respules for asthma? did it help or harm?


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Those are definitely issues with a steroid....could be with the drug combination. Hopeflly, the doctor can work with you on a regimen that will keep her asthma under control but not have such negative side effects. Sometimes, the body just needs a little bit to adjust to the change in medicines. Good luck!

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my daughter sofia has had asthma for over a year (since she turned 2). she seems to get the asthma after a cold, or allergies. we have a nebulizer, and we administer xopenex via the nebulizer every time she gets a cough & wheezing. as of late, her asthma issues have been occuring much more frequently, and she's been on oral streroids when the xopenex has not helped. so the doc perscribed pulmicort via the nebulizer once every day to bring the symptoms under control. i've been noticing strange behavior since she started it; aggresion, mood swings, anger. that's why i thought i'd ask if anyone else has any experience with this drug. thanks for your response.

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My daughter was on albuterol and pulmicort periodically at 8 months old through 11 months. She was in the hospital for respiratory issues but never diagnosed as asthmatic. Her issues were labeled as "reactive airway" and have resolved themselves with no sypmtoms for over a year. Having said that, my understanding is that pulmicort is a steroid to build strength in the respiratory system. I would think that unless there was a severe case of asthma that the use would be in a limited time frame. The side effects were not that bad short term for my daughter but I know long term it can stunt growth. She has used albuterol a few times when she had a cold and reactive airway issues and that's just a bronchiodilator that allows the lungs to function better immediately but does not help to prevent future attacks. I have other thoughts but will cut myself short in case this situation doesn't apply to yours.

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