Anyone getting Flu injection for their children?


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It's true that some children may experience side effects. Usually a very low grade fever or mild flu like symptoms - but absolutley nothing in comparision to actually getting the flu. I gave my son some infant advil the evening after the injection just in case the injection site was a little sore. He has always had the flu shot at the same time as other vaccinations.


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Gabrielle - posted on 04/08/2009




My daughter is 2.5 and had always gotten them, with no problems. She's in day care, so I really want to protect her.

User - posted on 04/02/2009




Great thanks, always worried about side effects etc. The nurse at my doc surgery has said they reccomended for children but some people have had concerns when i mentioned it.

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Yes, ever since my son was old enough to get one. He never had any reactions to them and of course, I feel better knowing that is his protected from the flu. They get two shots the first time they get them and then the following years only need one.

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