Anyone have any great tips on potty training?


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Jean - posted on 01/23/2009




Make sure they are ready.  It's soooo much easier if they are not trying to fight you.  I used a sticker book with my daughter where there were rows of empty circles and she got to put a sticker in the circle every time she did something sticker worthy.  In the beginning, it was just sitting on the potty, or staying dry for 30 min.  As the days went on, it was just for success in the potty.  Then, at the end of the each row you do something special - trip to the jumpy gym, trip to get an ice cream cone, etc.  That way, you're not handing out candy at 9am.

Whitney - posted on 01/23/2009




We have been potty training my son who will be three in April for a couple weeks now and its been going great. We are doing naked potty training, during the day time he runs around the house bare bottom and only wear a diaper at night. We have only had a couple accidents!

We also do not use a potty chair since he did not like it. We bought a step stool and a potty ring ( sits right on the toilet)

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