Are inconsistencies on baby growth charts really a concern?

Jaime - posted on 04/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 13 month old son has always been small. For height always at the 5 percentile and consistent here. But, when it comes to weight, he is up down and all over. Sometimes he will be at the 25th percentile, then drop to the 15, then down below the 3rd (this was last visit). My pediatrician has always got us coming back for re-weighs when this happens. She says it is not the big of a deal, this can happen, but then why should we have to keep bringing him back? Now, she has him on pediasure. My son has chubby little legs, and arms. I look at him and think he looks perfect, even our pediatrician said he looked perfect at his 12 month check. So, if he looks perfect then why the growth chart concern? Is it a big deal when babies are inconsistent in their growth charts? Anyone experiencing this?


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Carolee - posted on 04/19/2010




I think Gillian is right. He's just covering his butt. All children grow and have their growth spurts at different times. He's just making sure that your child is not consistantly losing weight, at which point he would most likely be required to start an investigation (to make sure you're not purposefully not feeding him... basically abuse). He obviously doesn't want to start that kind of investigation because he knows your son is doing well in all other areas. It's just something his job requires him to do.

Lady - posted on 04/19/2010




I think the doc is just doing his job. If your child has had a big weight drop the the reweigh is just to check that it doesn't continue. As long as he doesn't have any concerns then neither should you.

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