At what age do i need to start putting shoes on my 10 month old

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Do shoe's shape a babys foot or can i just put them on him when he starts walking on his own.


Brittiny - posted on 06/03/2010




Barefoot is best for beginner walkers as far as the development of their feet. However, while no one cares that a baby is being carried around without shoes, eventually baby will have to wear them when they want to walk outside or in public, and if they haven't worn them at all it can be quite a process to 'relearn' to walk wearing something on their feet. A few things I personally recommend (learned from my many years working at Stride Rite children's shoe store in the past): when baby is just beginning to pull up and cruise, a great option for shoes are the Robeez moccasin-type slipper/shoe.. very lightweight and washable and elastic around the ankle so they are difficult to get off (though not always great for chubby babies because of the elastic). If you choose to put shoes on baby, make sure they are FLEXIBLE - a lot of baby shoes are super cute, but stiff as a board and just make baby trip :( . Make sure there are no arches inside the shoe, it should be flat inside for beginner walkers, as the arches of their feet are still developing. Also, leather shoes are best for babies as their feet sweat twice as much as adults and the leather breathes better than synthetic materials. Lastly, it's not a bad idea to get shoes in a larger size than what fits exactly, but no more than half a shoe size greater (or a fingertip-width excess from the end of the toes to the end of the shoe). It's definitely more economical to buy shoes slightly larger as babies feet grow approximately half a shoe size every 3 months or so.. quicker than that if they hit a good growth spurt, but buying them too big causes the shoe to wear improperly and you will end up buying more in the long run because the shoe will be trashed. When you get new shoes, expect your walking baby to trip a little bit over their shoes.. this is normal as they are getting used to the weight and feel of them. Tripping is also a good indicator that baby needs a new size shoe, as the toes hit the end of the shoe and curl under, baby is propelled forward.

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It's a proven fact that foot and ankle bones form stronger and faster when a child is allowed to learn to walk barefoot. I just recently started putting shoes on my son. He just turned 18 months old. The only reason I did it at all is because it's summer now and he walks around outside. When he's outside or at the store is the only time he wears shoes.


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Wow.. I'll tell you.. my daughter HATED wearing shoes.. she started walking at the 1 year mark.. and she still didn't want to wear shoes.. but because she wanted to walk... and outside usually.. we were on a mission to find shoes.

We tried everything.. the ones that covered the ankles.. the pretty princess ballet looking things.. everything thing you can imagine even sneakers.. and she'd just cry and cry and fight to get them off.. until we'd eventually give in. We finally found these light weight crock toddler looking shoes at Walmart.. they would be freaky on an adult.. but on kids they look cute.. and they were really cheap at Walmart.. like 5 bucks.. but what was nice about them .. is they were really light weight shoes, bright colors which she loved, and they fit her nicely... she didn't have her toes all cramped up or anything.. good toe space..

so what you may want to do .. is look around.. for something like that... at Walmart or Target..

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most peditricians are now recommending no shoes! When they are learning to walk they need to be able to feel the floor beneath their feet. Standing on their feet and ankles with no artificial support (shoes) helps strengthen their growing, developing muscles. At this point you're better off without shoes.

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Wait until he is actively walking in strange places.Other than that barefoot is best for home/yard/park etc.

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Shoes for when you go outside once he is walking.
Otherwise no shoes when you can.

For the not walking, we just went with slipper like things to get us in the habit of putting something on his feet when we left the house.

Jen - posted on 06/02/2010




u shouldnt put proper shoes on a child who cnt walk yet as it affects there cartalidge in there foot for growing. but there are crawling shoes n soft shos for children who cnt walk

Claire - posted on 06/01/2010




We started putting shoes on our kids when they started crawling and pulling up, only when we left the house. This was primarily for us to get into the habit of putting shoes on them.

Jenn - posted on 06/01/2010




there's a special shoe you should get because they need support around their ankles.

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