attention good or bad w/my 2yr old

Amber - posted on 06/01/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




i need help w/ my 2 yr old.... he is putting things around his neck and he thinks its funny, we think most of it is attention cause he has a 1yr old sister who needs attention too and he doesn't like that at all. another problem we are having is if he gets in trouble such as a spank or slap on the hand he will hurt him self, such as slapping his hand over and over or just hitting himself...ive tried to do different things other then physical punishment but nothings working.... any suggestions to maybe change this would help


Vicki - posted on 06/02/2011




What is he putting around his neck? My boy will put my partner's work lanyard on, a flower lei, necklaces, pretty much anything he finds, especially if it's copying grownups. I let him, I'm generally around him anyway and most things would break before causing a strangulation. I probably wouldn't let him climb at a playground wearing them but that doesn't happen.

With the hitting thing... if you are hitting him then you are teaching him to do it. Period. Redirect, distract, remove toys/objects that are causing the problem, warn him you will take him home if he doesn't start behaving then follow through. There are plenty of options. Hitting isn't necessary.

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