Autism and Schooling

Laura - posted on 03/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Last year, my daughter did wellin kindergarden, behaved, and completed her work. She was OK for the first nine weeks too. She is bullied for being short, and the kdis tell her she should be in pre-k instaed of first grade. Her teacher even made her go sit in the pre-k class one day when she acted up!
One boy in her class told her that "bad men" were goingto come in her house and kill her family. Now she is terrified to be out of our sight. We tried to have the bullying addressed, to no avail. Her teacher even gave her conduct marks for stimming!
We pulled her out of the private school to try public school. No better. She tries to leave a stressful situation (like chorus) and is restrained. Of course, this activates her flight or flight response. She is now suspended for a day and she has not even been at the school for 2 weeks!
She has started wetting her pants and seriously regressing. The school board is supposed to evaluate her, but they are dragging their feet. She is diagnosed by the neurologist with epilepsy, autism, sensory integration disorder, auditory processing disorder, and a hearing loss. Home scholing is not really an option because we found that she really needs the structure and social interaction of a school day.
How did she go from doing so well to being impossible? I am at the end of my rope. Please help. Thanks.


Sophia - posted on 09/08/2012




call the state on the school... tell them that if they dont stop others from picking on her you will call some TV reporters on the school. tell her you are fighting for her. As for the teacher some people are just as ASS. I have a child in special education class ... girl the school would have to change their address some sh... like that happen to my child. baby get up and start fight fighting. I dont know how mad you can get...... but you are her back and front and sides. fight let when the school staff see you let them say here come that BIT-----. I am sure thry say that about me I love it..... my son get the respect and care he should .

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