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Mandy - posted on 05/07/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am having a difficult time with my 19 month old daughter constantly hitting not only me, but also her older brothers. Time outs just don't seem to be getting her to stop and I don't believe in spanking her for it as I would just then be doing what I am telling her is not allowed. Any suggestions on how to break her of this???


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Courtney - posted on 05/07/2010




I wish i could tell you how to stop this cycle but im sorda going through the same thing, so atleast you now know ur not alone on this one! I have been reading more about it and as well posted this matter like you did..The only difference is my son hits himself instead of others..I tried telling him no and smacking his hands but like u said that teaches them what there doing is okay basically so havent smacked his hands for anything unless its major like touch outlets or hot stove. But i seem to be getting the same feed back from everyone and that is to hold there ands when they hit and talk to them tell the it hurts, its not nice , in ur case a few ppl said there kids hit them like ur child is doing and they took there hands and rubbed them on there face nicely saying things like nice touch or be easy to mommy, and aww mommy etc. WARNING! lol the first time i tried this my son flipped out he had never took a tantrum before and i now know what a "REAL" tantrum is, he kicked and scream and cried bloody murder like i was strangleing him! I felt horrible but stuck with the procedure for 3-4 min. he eventually calmed down but a soon as i let go he went to hit himself so i re-did this whole procedure..The tantrum wasnt nearly as bad the second time just a few little wines to let me know he wasnt happy. I cant say if this works cause ive only been doing it for 2 days now but i can say i see a difference like after the first time he hit himself again but after the 5-6th time he didnt so much hit but he pointed to his head like i want to hit! lol its not funny at all but if u coulda seen my sons facial expressions at the tie it was hilrious now that i think back obviously not a funny matter while doing it though! But i have noticed some changes so i hope it helps with u as well. Keep me posted on ur progress or if you as well hear any other suggestion! Thanks hun! ANd Goodluck!

Lisa - posted on 05/07/2010




my daughter 18 months now, when she was 15 or 16 months, she usually hit her cousin, grand ma, and anyone she found annoy her. when she hit someone in our home the first thing i did was grab her hand, hold her face, look her eyes and tell her not to do that "its not good to hit someone else", i ask her to appologize to that person by shake that person hand. she ussually screaming or crying if i did that, so i bring her to her room and put her on her high chair and i made her face the wall. until she stop crying and screaming, and seems that she was sorry. and after that i told her again that she didnt allowed to do that. and i say I love you and hold her. it took several time and need consistency. and it works for my girl. but everytime i made her face the wall, i always make sure, there's only me and my daughter there. when i punnished her like that

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