Baby's weight - what is the appropriate way to manage baby's weight

Nawaal - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My baby daughter is 20 months and weighs around 15 kilograms. I am concerned she is overweight?She is tall - around a centimeter taller than most girls her age. But I do not want her to grow up being overweight and struggling with her weight. She is very active but loves to eat. She eats healthy veg and fruit, rice and chicken with two treats a week.
I dont know what I should do or if I should just let her grow up of it.
Please help - all advice welcome.


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Valerie - posted on 12/04/2009




babies come in all sizes...if your baby is eating healthy foods then not to worry...if the doctor is worried then worry...she can have skim or one percent or no fried or fast cheese, butter, ...chubby babies tend to be sick less often and fare better if they lose while sick...that said obese babies can have many problems check with the doctor at the next visit or call the nurse and ask now...write down what you feed and have a nutritionist look at it if conc erned...

Ma. Nympha - posted on 12/04/2009




ask youre pediatrician of shes overweight with her age but since you said shes taller than other toddler with same age. i guess for me its just fine coz i have a son which is 2yr old and also taller with the normal kid with his age also he's very active like youre daughter, being active as a toddler when they stop they tend to get hungry just watch what she eat and give her just enough to food to avoid gainweight...

Lady - posted on 12/03/2009




i think portion control is the way forward if she is eating healthily and is active then you just need to make sure she is not eating too much at each sitting. make sure she has a child size plate or bowl and don't over fill it - a smallish piece of meat and a few spoonfulls of veg and rice is enough for her age - make sure it's a small treat she gets and not too many snacks.

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Please speak with your child's pediatrician regarding your concerns. If there is a problem, they can help you diagnose it. If there is no problem, they can give you the medical reassurance you need. Prior to her appointment keep a food diary of what she eats for a couple of days. That way you can give the doctor the most information possible.

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