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Kat - posted on 01/03/2012 ( 10 moms have responded )




HELP!!!!!! Need game ideas for a baby boy shower, Help Help Help


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Shara - posted on 01/27/2012




Dirty Diapers....Hilarious!!!

Get different kinds of candy bars and melt them then smear each one into a different diaper and everyone has to try and guess what the candy bar each one is.

This game is so funny, watching everyone hold what looks like "dirty diapers" up to there face :)

Christina - posted on 01/23/2012




Baby Diaper Picasso: Split your guests into teams and give each one a roll of toilet paper. Set the timer for a minute and have each team "diaper" one of its members with the toilet paper as quickly as possible. No pins or other tools are allowed! Have the mom-to-be judge and pick the winning team.

Julie - posted on 01/19/2012




Look them up online -

or Hallmark Stores often have Baby Shower Games ...

or your local Library

Amanda - posted on 01/12/2012




The guests at my baby shower had to eat and identify jarred baby food-we did it in groups, but man was it interesting.

Hayley - posted on 01/10/2012




I had games such as guess the price of the bubble bath the shampoo nappys milk etc i also had pin the nappy on the babys bum blind folded, guess the size of the bump with a.peice of string! drink juice out of the.bottles as fast as u can it was all soo fun also had bits of paper made into shape of nappy with name (your name) weight (of baby) hair colour eye colour and the your guests write what they think and you can take them home once baby here u can see who won!! all the best

VICKIE - posted on 01/05/2012




Wrap a prize in newspaper and pass it around with music and when the music stops the person starts unwrapping and keep doing that until the prize is completely unwrapped and the person who has it at that time wins the prize. Also take 10 baby items and put them in a brown paper bag. Number the bags and the guest have to guess what is each bag and the person who guess the most win. You can pass a tray around with baby items and the person who remember the most items win. The purse game.(person who has the most items you select in their purse win. Take a string and measure the mom to be stomach. All the guest cut a string and the closet to your string wins. Take pictures of the mom to be and put on poster board and see who can guess her ages on the pictures. Some funny ones are fill bottles with juice and see who could be first to drink it. Who can dress a baby the fastest. Who can keep a balloon under there shirt the longest without dropping it or popping it. Guest have to tell what the mom to be is wearing.(you send her out the room before you tell them about this one) also Google baby shower games for more information. Hope this help. Enjoy. I will be planning one around June. I love it. This will be my 7th time planning and doing a shower for family and friends. So much fun.

Kaitlyn - posted on 01/04/2012




You could do the diapering duo game where everyone pairs up and then each pair ties one of their hands together so that each person only has one hand free. Then the pairs have to put a diaper, cloth with safety pins, on a doll/bear, etc. using only their free hands. So they have to work as a team to get the job done and the fastest team wins. Then there is always the game of who knows the mother-to-be best. For this you write up a list of 15-20 questions about the Mom, (i.e. what is her favorite place to shop for baby items/clothes, what is her favorite color, where did she and hubby meet, where was she born, etc.) and then give the group maybe 5-7 minutes to fill out the answers on their sheet. Person with the most correct answers wins. You could get really creative with the questions too, so if any family is playing it will make it a little more fair.
You could do a number of different word scramble games using different themes like names of baby animals or baby items. There's always the clothespin game where every guest gets a clothespin upon arrival and the object is to collect as many clothespins as possible. So, you designate an off limits word (i.e. baby) or say no one may cross their legs for the duration of the shower. Any time anyone says the off limits word or crosses their legs and is caught by another guest they have to give their clothespin to that person and they are no longer eligible to play. Good luck!

Christy - posted on 01/03/2012




have a roll of string, have each guest "guess" how much string it would take to wrap around the mom to be. The closest wins a prize! BTW I have hosted 4 baby showers, you can get cheap and somewhat nice gifts at the dollar store. That game and "pick the safety pin outta the rice game". Each contestant has 15-20 seconds to get as many safety pins as they can within that time in a bowl of raw rice. Whoever gets the most pins at the end, wins a prize.

Kat - posted on 01/03/2012




those sound really good, I did a advice book for my friend last time as was a first time mum, but prob wont this time as its for a second time mum this one

Vicki - posted on 01/03/2012




Not really a game, but activities I've liked include - everyone bring a bead for a necklace that can be put together for the mother to wear until the birth; pieces of felt, people can cut out animal shapes and sew them together, it can all be put together as a mobile for the new baby; squares of fabric where people can write thoughts and well wishes to be made into bunting.

Probably not what you're after but I'm not a fan of the sniff the disposable nappy type games.

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