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Keri - posted on 06/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 18 month old son was last baby sat at 15 months, & still to this day crys no matter who we leave him with other then grand parents. He crys the whole time were gone no matter wut & by the end of 3 days that person doesnt want him back. What can i do to try & settle him when we go to leave.? I dont want to have to keep changing baby sitters just to have the same response.


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my son just turned two and has been in daycare since he was4 months. weve had to use a few different daycares but everytime we use a new one, i make sure i take him there a few days before he starts for about an hour that way he can meet his new sitter. if im gettign a sitter to come to my house ill ask her if you would be ok coming over an hour earlier that way my son can get adjusted to her and she can get adjusted to him. by the time its time for us to leave there off playing in room and doesnt pay no mind to my husband and me when were telling him goodbye

Keri - posted on 06/18/2009




For now, I take him about 3 days a week to either my mom ( who hes fine with) & now we started leaving him with my husbands mom, & he still crys. I had him in a home babysitter at 15 months & i had to pull him out. We are trying to get him used to leaving him with more then just one person. but not all at the same time. Our big thing is shwoing him no matter wut, wre coming back for him.

Ideally id like to have him in a Pluto Daycare where theres lots of other kids He plays nice & loves kids but im scared he will just cry & ill have to leave work so I havent tried yet.

I found most sitters want the "drop & Go" technique & that didnt work for me either. I think the playing & the treats is a very good method to try, & i definetly plan to try that out as soon as hes in a day care. I might even try it with my clsoe friend that used to watch him even though he cried, if i can get him doing that with her he shuld be fine for day care! Thank you for sharing your experiances with me I really hope it works :)

LISA - posted on 06/17/2009




Sometimes I have found that it is the people that are watching the baby! Is he going to a daycare or a personal sitter. I found my kids always did better with a sitter but when they were first getting adjusted I would go anywhere to a half hour to an hour early and sit down and play with them at the person's house or even the daycare( if they don't want you there that is a warning sign to me) I would toys and blankets from home and snacks that they were comfortable with! You need to say your goodbyes and explain to your child why you are leaving and that they will have lots and lots of fun(really talk it up because even little ones understand more than you realize) and then your babysitter needs to find a way to distract your child while you are leaving(maybe a favorite food, movie, book, or toy) My kids always did better when they didn't watch me leave) Then when you pick him up bring him a treat like candy,mcdonalds or a small cheap toy. Maybe when he realizes that being at the babysitter's can be as fun or more he will settle down. About one to two is a hard age to start taking your child to someone new so it really helps to ease them into it! People always say you just drop them off and go but that never worked for my kids. I did that with my little boy at a daycare(they wanted me to) and he would not adjust-he cried everytime i dropped him off even as we pulled into the parking lot and wouldn't even try to play with the other children. I did not keep him there long!

Veronica - posted on 06/16/2009




Wow that is a tough one.. how often are you leaving him with a sitter?? once a week, once a month? a few times a week? for how many hours?? What do you do when you leave??

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