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Julia - posted on 04/19/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




my son hasnt started talking yet he gurgles and makes different noises! im trying to teach him mama and dada and nana and so on but he is opened to alot of nasty words... i dont agree he should be hearing them as i am worried he will start trying to pick them up! i dont want my son running around insulting people and people looking down coz i have a fowl mouth child! am i wrong in asking people to not use certain words around my child!? even if it is his own father!!


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Amanda - posted on 04/21/2010




my 20 month old hears ALOT of the f word from her father (and i'm sad to say when i'm angry i spit it out too, tho i try not to). i'm amazed that she hasn't picked it up. and very thankful. i've asked my fiance to try to cut back but he thinks it would be funny if she started saying it. i really really don't want to have to explain her foul mouth to her kindergarten teacher or friends parents if she ever does start using it. It's certainly NOT wrong to ask people to limit or even completely cut out foul language around your child. Your man AND mine need to knock it off!

Jennifer - posted on 04/21/2010




You have every right to ask people not to curse or swear around you child but you also can't control them. Spending quality time with your child reading or playing will help him to work on his words and if and probably when he does learn a bad word just set him down and calmly tell him that its a bad word and he is not to use them. This has worked with my kids even with my husband who sees nothing wrong with cursing or swearing around the kids. Some people were just raised that it is ok to talk like that, just make sure you help your little one know the difference.

Hathaichanok - posted on 04/21/2010




I would say something if some adults speak like a child which include swearing. Of course, they must understand that kids are our future.

I talk to my 14 months girl quite often, slowly and emphasyse some words. She did ok on talking, looks like she try to speak after me.

every parents should spend time talking to their kids not only help them how to speak, but it shown that you love them.

Netty - posted on 04/20/2010




Hi Julia....It is so awesome that u care so much about the character of your son. Your a GRAT mom & I can tell u really love him dearly.I am from a family of 16 children.. I guess we were all pretty much a dysfunctional family...lots of swearing,partying ..the drugs 7 alcohol stuff etc... At age 18 someone shared with me that Jesus loved me & died for all my sin..Long story short Julia I prayed for Jesus to forgive all my sin & come into my life...1st one of 16 ..I was rejected ...all my bad language & bad life style left me & well now I just prayed & loved the rest of my family as they thought I was crazy & God miraculously came into their life too & all their bad language & bad life style is gone too . .. They are soooo happy now & life has taken on a whole NEW meaning & a purpose to live . Only God can clean up ones act if they ask Him.. Not want to sound "Preachy" but must say it's the BEST NEWS out there!!! So just say a prayer & do the same .He will hear you & He loves tou & he will show you the way & just love your husband... He doesn't know he's hurting u or yours/his son.. Love you Julia... Check out John 3:16.. Your on the rt. track... Heaven is going to be one BIG party...Good one!!

Ashley - posted on 04/20/2010




My son is 15 months, and it really starting to get articulate. He picks up words when we least expect it. I dnt say anything unless I hear someone use a cuss/dirty word around my child, then I'll say something. I usually tell them to watch their mouth around my kid or to please not talk like that in front of my kid. If they can't respect my wishes, then they dnt deserve to be around me or my bf curses a lot, & I always tell him to watch his mouth, I'ma be highly ticked if my son starts cursing! But no, you are totally not in the wrong asking ppl to watch their mouth around your child!

K.C. - posted on 04/20/2010




I am a good person and I am raising a good child however some people I know just can't understand that swearing in front of my child is unacceptable. We went to a 2 yr olds party the othe day and every sentence spoken there (around 12 kids) contained F*** or C***!! I can not control what people say around her no matter how much I try. So I took a different approach and told her that they were naughty words. I told her some of the words that I knew she has heard, and explained that they are naughty. SHe knows this now. Once in a while if someone in the family slips up around her she will tell them off and smack their hand. When other people are swearing around her she ignores it. I am yet to catch her saying one of these words. So I suppose what I'm saying is: SOme people can't change. You waste your time and energy trying to no avail. So if his father can't/won't chane his ways just make sure that your son knows that they are bad words and how upset you will be if he uses them.....SOmetimes you have to think outside the square ....

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You are not wrong to ask! People need to be more considerate when children are around and watch what they say. I am constantly getting on my husband about his cursing.

September - posted on 04/19/2010




Nope not at all! If anyone should know better it's your child's father! I would encourage you to spend time reading, signing, listening to music and some good old quality time with your child. Those things can help better his vocabulary :) Good luck and enjoy!

Louise - posted on 04/19/2010




Absolutely not a child that picks up swear words will use them alot becase it gets a reaction from mummy. It is very difficult to stop a child swearing once he starts so nip t in the bud now and protect his little ears!

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