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Taylor - posted on 02/05/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I LOVE my babysitter. She is in 6th grade and has been playing with my son for about 2 years. She is more of a mother's helper at this point and I would love to keep her on as that, and when she is old enough, as a real babysitter. My problem is that she is not always available. I also am not completely comfortable (nor is her mother) with leaving her with my toddler while we go out on a date at night. Plus, I'm pregnant again so I really do need someone who I can leave both children with. Basically, I need an additional sitter who I can call. I do not quite know how to go about finding a sitter, and I also don't want to offend my mother's helper! Any suggestions would be helpful!


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Jessica - posted on 02/07/2009




You need to keep in mind also if it is someone your mothers helper will get along with ,someone not to much older than her  , or she may feel like you are making her have a sitter also. Maybe ask her mom if she has a close girlfriend that is a little older than her  that you think they would work well with eachother .Good luck.

Mary - posted on 02/06/2009




I asked other Mom's who their sitters were and had them call them to see if they were interested in babysitting for someone else. Once u get one name then you usually can get a bunch more because of their friends. I would then have them come over and play with the kids for awhile to check them out. I am talking about high school kids so they r old enough. I have heard other Mom's talk about calling the local high school's to see if they had any "clubs" or groups that might have students who would be interested in babysitting, etc. It is hard to find new sitters when you are new to an area or don't know any teenagers. I hope this helps and good luck finding someone.

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