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Nadine - posted on 03/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My Boy is 25 months now and very healthy the only thing that bugs me is that I spend hours to prepare food for him,,why I don't no. It's really the fun stuff, but he doesn't like the food I give him. He will have a taste and spit it out, or say it's gaga.
Please give me advise on what fun stuff to give him..I can't give him Chocolates, biscuits and soda everytday..


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Lisa - posted on 03/10/2010




i haven't had this problem but my sister is currently going through it.. she tried everything even going to specialists and everything under the sun.. they found out that he has autism, but not the scale everyone thinks about, but the other side, he is 3 and loves routine and numbers.. he can count 3 digit numbers.. he is very smart but lacking social skills and is very picky with his food.. he only eats... weetbix, toast, chips, milk arrowroot biscuits, and rice cakes. and if its made different he wont eat it.. EG: chips a little burnt. she also gives him pentavite to help boost the vitamins and minerals he needs. i know its hard and drives you mad, but you have to keep at it. or get him tested. well thats all i can help with., i wish you all the best.. if i find out anything that can help ill let you know. :-)

Erin - posted on 03/10/2010




My son loves strawberries,and bananas. He also enjoys things like English muffin pizza, brocali with a little melted cheese, ego waffles,peanut butter on toast, (ask your child's doctor about peanut butter first. ) frozen mini cheese raviolis with sauce (make sure they are cooled enough), cold cuts like ham and turkey. For juice I like to give him the V8 strawberry banana, it has veggie juice in it as well and you only taste the fruit. I also give him carnation instant breakfast 1./2 a pack in the morning with his milk than the other 1/2 at night with his milk. I call it chocolate milk when I give it to him. It has extra vitamins and protein. If all else fails I know there are recipes out there on the internet that hide veggies in normal foods.

I wouldn't even offer him chocolate or soda. I know it is tempting because you just want to see him eat something but you are setting him up to only like junk. I would only offer food to him that has some nutritional value. My son goes through fazes where he will eat everything I give him. Then he goes through fazes where he eats what feels like next to nothing. The bottom line is when they're hungry they'll eat.

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