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hi my twelve month old son is really bad temepered for example if i tell him no he will shout at me or hit me or even throw himself on the floor. i have tryed everythink but sometimes he even hots u for nothing.iam a nursery nurse my self and i have tryed all kinds my biggeset worry is that he will do it to oher childeren and this my affect his future friendship relationships. he is a lovely happy child most the time but he cam be very aggressive towards me and his dad and the dog. he plays really rough with his toys an am woundering is that a boy being a boy. i just want to stop him hitting out wen he cant have his way before it gets out of hand if ne one has ideas let me no plse thanksxx


Megan - posted on 02/02/2009




When he's like that, pay no attention to him. If he's doing something he shouldn't, tell him no, take him away from the situation and walk away. Even if he is throwing a tantrum, don't give him attention. Let him do his thing, and when he realizes you aren't affected by his actions, he'll calm down on his own. Once he's done that, go to him and explain to him what he was doing wrong, and you can comfort him from there. Sooner or later, he'll realize his tantrums don't get him the attention he's wanting. It's when he's calm he gets it.

Worth a shot!


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Sarah - posted on 02/04/2009




My son was a hitter, and still occassionally will try to hit me.  He was about the same age as your son when he started.  I started time out about that time.  He would have to sit on my lap and I would slowly count to 10 or 15.  If everything went well, he would get up and play.  He is almost two now and has a time out chair and we set a timer for 30 seconds to 1 minute if he starts hitting.  As for the tantrums, make sure he is safe and can't hurt himself with anything and then leave the room.  Eventually he will learn that tantrums are not okay.  My son still throws them at times, but not as often once I learned to ignore them.

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My son is 22 months and "all boy" as well.  He is very rough with his toys and went through a hitting stage as well.  What worked for us wa, if I was holding him and he hit (or pinched), I would put him down and tell him that that hurt and I dont want to play with him when he hurts mommy.  If he was already down, I would exaggerate ignoring him...I would tell him the same thing and turn away from him.  After a minute or so, I would come back and tell him that I love him, but mommy doesnt like it when you hit.  It may take a while since he is young...but worth it in the end!

With the tantrums, you just have to ignore them.  The more attention he gets, the worse they will become. 

Good luck!

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This sounds so familiar, my 22 month old is the same. I feel some people must think I have an untamed family life as they comment on kids learning from example, from their parents. This is not the case. Some tots find it hard to show emotion/feelings, & may hit you when they mean to hug you, their little mind becomes confused if you respond with "NO-DONT DO THAT" instead of "be gentle,  just like this sweetheart..... mummy loves you too."

My older children have aspergers - high functioning autism, they are very intelligent but find it near impossible to read others sarcasm & facial expresions so their behaviour is a little unexpected at times. I suspect my little 22month old to have the same. I'm not saying your son has autism as he is still very young, & he may just be testing the boundaries. Just stay calm, firm yet kind, & most of all consistant. Its no good overlooking bad behaviour because you havent had your first cuppa for the day. Keep at it, I wish you all the best.


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