Bath Time Troubles

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Does anyone have any tips or is anyone else having this problem?
My child is ok for the first part of the bath, then when it comes time to wash her hair she panics and screams. I've tried goggles for her, I tried singing and laying her down in the water with my arm, I've also tried showers thinking I don't know it would be better and it's not. I've always used tear free wash obviously thats a no Either way she gets a bath or a shower often whether she screams or not. I always explain to her that she HAS to take a bath and get washed it's a must! Any suggestions or ideas?


Beth - posted on 08/20/2010




All 3 of my boys have had issues but over time they've learned that it is just a part of the process. I do prepare my youngest... okay it's time to get washed up and we are starting with your hair so let's get it wet first. And I just keep talking. Now he likes to help so I let him start and then I finish. I give him a cup while I have my own and encourage him to dump it over his own head. That also helps. None of it totally eliminates his "freak out" moments but they are more manageable.

hope this helps you.


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Meagan - posted on 08/27/2010




My daughter hates her hair being washed too, but she loves showers, so I just do a very quick spray. Get it done and over with as quickly as possible. I have her body and hair all sudsy so its a 1 time thing. I also allow her to play with the shower head (its removeable), so that helps too. She;s 16 months, but sometimes you just gotta get in there and get it done.

Also, from my expirience with "tear-free" shampoo, it doesnt produce tears, but it still burns!

I once used my daughters tear free shampoo, and I got some in my eye (Aveeno), and I didnt cry because I couldn't, but it hurt like hell!!

I think tear free just means it blocks tear production, not actually doesn't sting. But, it could also just be that brand too. Who knows? XP

Heidi - posted on 08/27/2010




My girls love their baths, but don't really like getting water in their faces. We just try to be more gentle when wetting their heads for hair washing. You can use your hand, or a washcloth to make a dam so water doesn't get in her face so much when you wet her head and rinse out the shampoo. Maybe make up a silly song to sing for hair washing. Let her help get her own head wet and to help rinse herself.

We had a similar issue with teeth brushing. They need to get brushed whether you like it or not! We made it a fun and silly game and now it's a non issue.

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Yeh this makes sense. I hope it gets better soon, I have to check every morning to make sure that the neighbors have left, otherwise everyone will hear her The swimming pools shes just fine with she has no problems there :D .. I guess it's just one of those things that will either get better or get worse as she grows. Thank you for you're input at least I know I'm not alone and I haven't done anything wrong XXHUGSXX

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