bed time issue

Asmau - posted on 09/09/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 3year old daughter finds it very hard to go to bed , some times she will be up till 1am, 2am. pls help


Angelica - posted on 09/10/2010




mhmm, been there, well I am still there, lol, there is a couple of thing i can recommend; first of all, I make sure my daughter get alot of her energy out during th day, then she take like an hour nap(early in the afternoon no later), we eat dinner play or watch a movie, around 8:30p, I give her a shower or warm bath, let her play in there for a while, like at 8:45p, get her in her pj's, put her in her bed, I make sure she has her sippy with water to the side, just in case she wakes up thirsty, she always reaches for the sippy,read her a story, say a prayer, turn off the night lamp, play her some lullabies music, and just lay with her for a bit, until she falls asleep, and those nights that she is hyper(super happy still in bed), trying to touch me or play, I just pretend that I am sleeping, she usually stops after a couple of minutes,she thinks I am sleeping,so she gives up and falls asleep, Does this help? It works for me


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Tarryn - posted on 09/11/2010




Try giving her milk with a little vanilla extract before might do the trick:)

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