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Jenni - posted on 03/14/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4 1/2 year old son has recently started wetting the bed. I don't know what the cause is, but I need to find the solution! Anyone got any ideas? I'm so tired of changing sheets 4-5 times a week!


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Jennifer - posted on 03/15/2009





Personally I would take him to the chripractor and you are probably thinking why. They have done some studies by getting an asjustment for some reason it helps. My so at the age of 4 did the same thing and now I dont have to worry about it.

Tanith - posted on 03/15/2009




I agree with Krysti - limit drinks befor bed. Invest in pull ups for night time so you dont have to change sheets but every time you have a "dry" night then you should reward him and praise him...and offer rewards for the next dry night. I find "bribery" if you can call it that works better than punishments. Whe I was 5 I started wetting the bed and I remember my mum making me sleep outside in the dogs kennel as apparently only dogs wet themselves at night, so I adopted a different attitude and think praise and encouragement works much better than punshment. It might help to find out what your son is thinking - I used to dream that I was on the toilet so would wee and then wake up to find I was in bed. Understanding the problem might help you figure out a solution - I finally learned that when ever I thought I was on the loo I had to look around to make sure that I was, and finally got over my bed wetting problem. My daughter was wetting the bed so that she was even in being at her Dad and I (we are separated) so once I explained there was no judgement she stopped doing it. Cmmuniction is the best thing

Krysti - posted on 03/14/2009




no liquids 2 hours before bed time. Make him sit on the potty before bed. Wake him 2-3 times to use the bathroom. And/Or check him throughout the PM to see if you can identify when he is having accidents and wake him to potty before that.

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