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My daughter is about 3 1/2 and she does not like to go to bed at night. I cant get her to sleep until 10 and to me thats late. I also have to lay in her bed with her until she falls asleep. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can brake the habbit of me laying in bed with her and getting her to bed earlier?
Thank you, Cristina.


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Jackie - posted on 06/30/2010




I must say, I do disagree with the previous comment..while yes EVENTUALLY kids will grow out of just about anything, it doesn't mean it's good for them. Kids need to learn to sleep independently, and more importantly to get to bed at a good hour.

1 thing is she could possibly be overtired b/c it is so late. When some kids get overtired they cant' settle down. My friend moved her daughters bedtime up 2 hours once and the bedtime routine when from 2 hrs to 10 minutes. Otherwise I am a firm believer in modified CIO. Put her in bed, say good nite, kisses etc etc...and leave. If she gets up bring her back, dont' say anything other than kisses and good nite and leave...and REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!!! As soon as she realizes that she's not getting what she wants (in being able to stay up) she will give up...the level of stubborness is different for every kid, but the older they are the more stubborn they get so now that she is 3.5 be prepared with some persistence.

Another variation is put her in bed, good nite, kisses etc...but before bed explain that you will sit next to her while she falls asleep...but NO TALKING OR INTERACTING, just sit on the end of the bed. Then after a few nites sit in a chair near the bed..and move that chair further and further away until it's out in the hall and you are done.

Good luck!

Nanna - posted on 06/29/2010




Your little angel doesn't like going to bed because she has realised that she will be away from you. I had the same situation with my daughter so maybe the method I used might do the trick.
When it was bed time, instead of putting her in bed my daughter would sit straddled on my lap,facing me with her own special pillow (really it was a small cushion that I made special pillowcases for). While I just sat and relaxed watching the tv she would drift off to sleep and I would gently place her in her own bed about half an hour after she had gone to sleep. The natural reaction was to stir just a tiny bit but she didn't wake until the next morning. She eventually outgrew this but just like your little girl, she didn't like the thought of being in another room away from her Mummy. Probably alot of people won't agree with anything I've said but she's YOUR baby - you'll know what to do.p.s. my daughter is almost 31 now and we have a very close relationship.

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