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My son is almost 2 1/2, since day one, wherever he was sleeping, we would give him a bottle at bed time and sit with him till he fell asleep. HUGE mistake on our part. Right now he won't sleep in his crib anymore so for the last 3 months he has been sleeping on a foamy in his room. We make it like a bed and he started calling it 'new bed' right away. Truthfully we were setting it up for my husband and I so that we could take turns sleeping in there because Aden was sleeping in our room for a while. When Aden saw it he was thrilled and has slept in it every night(in his own room!) since. But we still lay on new bed, give him a bottle and wait for him to fall asleep. It's taking longer and longer and we are not sure how to change the situation. Do you thinki if we got him a proper bed and made a big deal about sleeping in it like a big boy it might help? I'm looking for any and all advice! Thank you!


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Kathleen - posted on 06/29/2010




my son had a hard time all of a sudden with going to bed as well, but what we did was tell him that this was his room, and he had to stay there. then we would read 4 books while sitting in his room as kinda a cool down period, lights off except his lamp. then for about 2 months every night we would put him to bed, lay him down and STAND by the bed with your back to him. that way he knows you are there, but isnt in bed with you. say your good nights, and if he gets out of bed, dont say another word, just put him back into bed and tuck him in, and go back where you were. you can console if he is crying, but as soon as he calms down, do it again. he will eventually give up and stay there. every night standing a little further away from him til finally i was standing outside his door. it took a lot of determination, and strong will (and losing a lot of sleep, terriable for me cause i was 6 mos pregnant trying to fix this problem! but even through all that, it was well worth it! hope that helps you out a little!

Shayna - posted on 06/26/2010




It's hard to break old habits, it take a lot of determination and time to break them, but it can certainly happen if you stick with it. He should certainly be able to be falling asleep on his own without you or your husband having to stay with him. A 'new' bed will most likely not help the situation, as you and your husband are what wants. I would keep him on a bedtime routine, same time every night. Your husband and you then can read him a book before bed, and then leave. It won't be a walk in the park for the first while. He will probably scream, kick and put up a huge fuss, but if your determine to change this than your just going to have to not give in. Keep putting him back into his bed, and tell him it is bedtime now. It could take a long time for him to fall asleep for the first while, but eventually it will become a routine for him and your husband and you will have the much more extra time for each other.

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