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Lisa - posted on 11/03/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




HI my name is Lisa and my 2 year old son used to go to bed at 8.00pm with no worries but recently he won't go down until 9.30-10.00pm and in our bed if someone lays with him. Would really love to hear some tips. I've tried stopping his daytime sleep but that doesn't seem to work either


Stacy - posted on 11/03/2008




Stopping the naps will not help at all. That will only do the opposite. I don't know why, but it does. It seems to make sleep unreachable if a nap is prevented. Laying in your bed (IMO) is a problem. That starts a habit that is very hard to break. Especially if someone has to lay down with him. Who's in control? (just sayin)

Keep the same routine as long as you can. Put him to bed each night doing the same steps. Bath, brush teeth, dress, read, sing, juice or cookies!! (my daughter is trying this on me now) If he cries...let him cry it out. I started this a long time ago with my daughter and she has slept through the night like a champ since she was very very young. I use a sound machine and let her pick the one she wants to hear. I let her choose the book she wants me to read. I let her choose the night clothes she wants to wear. Fan on or off? I give her options and she seems to really dig that. Even in her worst 2 year old I DON'T WANT soon as I throw out options that allow her to choose...she's game.

I also learned the difference between her cries. Night terrors, testing me, I'm sick for real, etc... I stick to structure like an unwanted price sticker on a fabulous coffee table book, but I do believe that is KEY.

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