Bedtime Potty Training

Michelle - posted on 11/08/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have him wearing the regular huggies pullups during bedtimes. how do i get him to sleep without wearing them


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I am sincerely happy for the moms who have posted that they've had an easy time with bedtime potty training. But for those moms out there who may be struggling, PLEASE be patient with your children. I have read that the body actually starts producing a hormone that suppresses urine accumulation during sleep. THe production of this hormone starts up in different bodies at different ages, and there is NOTHING a parent can do to stimulate this hormone.

My son just turned 5 and has only in the last few months achieved dry mornings consistently. I'm sure some children are more than capable of this at 2 yrs or even younger, but for those little ones whose bodies are simply physically not ready to achieve the goal, parental pressure to make it happen can only serve to increase their anxiety and sense of personal failure.

I really feel that nightime "accidents" are qualitatively different from waking ones. How can you hold a child responsible for something their body does involuntarily while they are sleeping? Whether you're rewarding a dry morning or frowning upon a wet morning, you are still assuming that the child can control that behavior.

Jennifer - posted on 11/09/2008




We stopped giving our daugther anything to drink for an hour or two before bedtime. The last thing she did was go potty before bed. When she woke up with a dry pull up in the morning we really made a big deal about it. We then "made deals" with her that if she could stay dry for a certain number of nights then she could wear her big girl underwear to bed. She was really excited about that and it seemed to work pretty quickly. Good luck.

Kelly - posted on 11/09/2008




Hi, I found it very easy to get my 2 and a half yr old daughter dry day and night. She was completely dry all the time by 2 years and 3 months. My daughter goes to bed around 7 pm so she goes to toilet beofre she goes to bed and I get her up when I go to bed at around 10-11pm. She is still fast asleep and I just carry her through and put her on the toilet and say "go wee wee's" and she goes. When I first started night time training I set my alarm for around 2am to take her for a wee too. I would suggest limiting drinks before bedtime too at first. Now if she needs a wee in the night she gets out of bed herself and will go to the toilet herself, she usually calls out to let me know what she is doing and then just goes back to bed herself!

Good luck with the potty training, its really not as hard or frightning as people make out! :-)

Ashley - posted on 11/08/2008




This takes a lot longer than regular training - my nephew was in nightime diapers for almost a year after he was daytime potty trained. My mom said her secret was she woke us up about midnight to pee, then woke us up at like 5 or 6 to pee. Then we didn't wet the bed. If your son wakes up during the night, rush him to the potty - don't just try to get him to go back to sleep. My son doesn't wet when he's asleep, but about 2 mintues (or less) after he falls asleep. I'm sure he will fight you - it isn't nice to have to get out of bed to run to the potty, but that's the best way - so he knows that if you wake up and have to potty, you get up quick and go.

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