bisbehaving in school

Liz - posted on 01/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




ideas on stopping bad behavior at school,he's 6yrs.and have done timeouts,toys away,talking,sticker chart,spoke/met with teacher/s,nothing has worked yet,nothing seems to be sinking into him.


Krissy - posted on 01/28/2011




hard to give specifics without knowing a bit more about behavior and back ground.

however, I know that my kid started acting up in Kindergarten because his teacher was actually not suited for KG ages, and she was rough on them.

She would tell them they were a bad class, not as good as last years class, but then she wasn't consistent with the discipline....warning a hundred times before getting upset and moving them to the "safe seat" more out of frustration than good discipline.

Also, my son already had been doing all of the same work for two or three years as I just played and worked with them all the time... so he was sick of coloring the letter A and pasting the pictures that started with A when he could already read on an early 2nd grade level.

Also, my boy, as advanced as he is, has focus and impulse issues, which didn't help his teacher's inability to deal with the NORMAL behavior.

We pulled him and home schooled him... that's been the best for us, but I give lots of discipline coupled with challenging and exciting work as well as fun hands on stuff and reading.... he can also bounce more while working without interrupting others.

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