Bossy 3 year old anyone?!

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Hello! I have a 3 year old son who is extremley bossy! (my mom says its the age) He does really mean things to me. Like last night he wouldn't eat dinner so we told him "no milky before bed then." (he usually has a cup of chocolate milk before bed.) Well, i was trying to get him to eat so i took his cuppy out of the fridge and i said "Cayden do you want this?" he said "yeah" so i got him a spoon full of pasta and said "3 bites." Needless to say he continued to fight with me about eating, so i went to put the cup back into the fridge when all of a sudden BAM, he SLAMMED the fridge door on my arm. Like right where your arm bends or where they would draw blood from you, it HURT so BAD! & still does! It's all bruised up too! We are having another baby in about 3 weeks and i feel like he is out of control!! He does get punished, but now im thinking maybe not enough?! Has anyone else had this problem?? Thanks in advance!!


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3 is a tough age, and this behavior of his will only get worse if you don't start to control it now. if you can't control him at three, imagine him at 15?!

I would reccomend immediate consequences. no warnings. by warning him you are simply teaching him he doesn't have to listen to you the first time.

You can start to take back control of things like dinner.
"Mikey, dinner is served until 5:30 pm. you can eat as much or as little as you want. but at 5:30 dinner is over. Let me show you what this looks like on the clock..."
then if he doesn't want to eat, fine. he won't starve. trust me.
later, when it is time for his treat, "I only provide milky to little boys who eat their dinners."

When it comes to violent behavior such as slamming the fridge door or hitting, immediate time out. period.

MY son also recently started the bossy thing. these are some of the things I say to him
"I can only understand/help/assist sweet children"
"That language is rude, if you continue you can go to your room."
"I am the adult and you may not boss me around"
"when you treat/talk to me that way I do not want to be around you so you may go to your room until you are ready to be sweet."

I am using "Love and Logic" -specifically their "Parenting Magic" book I got from the library. they have a bunch of stuff on their website too,

also check out this free resource article from them

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