Bottle To Sippy Cup?

Amanda - posted on 02/14/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 15months old today & I can not get her to take the sippy cup. Ive spent like 50dollars on all kinds of different ones. Are there any suggestions on how to do this?


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Hi. My older son (now 3 1/2) loved his bottle and didn't want to give it up. I put his warm milk in his cup when he got up in the morning. He is SO thirsty when he first gets up, he just drank it! He wanted it bad enough that he didn't care what it was in. After that, all the bottles got thrown away. We never went back, I didn't want to confuse him. Good Luck :)

Andrea - posted on 02/15/2010




I started my son with a sippy for water only, then gradually weaned him off the milk in the bottle by the time he was 20 months. Now he drinks no problem (water or milk) out of the sippy cup. It helped that at his daycare he was only given a sippy and all of the big kids had sippy cups. I was more worried that he was getting enough fluids so once I weaned him off the bottle it took a few days before he would drink milk out of the sippy cup but I knew that he was at least getting enough fluids with the water. I wouldn't worry too much - 15 months isn't too old to have a bottle I don't think. Maybe she just needs to work into the change slowly...

Pam - posted on 02/14/2010




Hi there, I found what worked with my daughter was telling her she is a big girl now and only babies use bottles. My daughter has a fascination with new babies, she loves them so I said to her that there is a baby that needs a bottle and doesn't have one and a she is a big girl now would she like to give her bottles to the baby, ( took her down to plunket and got Beverley to give them to the plunket nurse) and we haven't looked back, no crying or grizzles. Another option is put water in the sippy cup and say you will only have your drinks out of this cup from now on, eventually she will take it, she will be too thirsty not to, perseverance is the key. Good luck you are doing an awesome job. By the way Beverley was about 17 months when we took her off the bottle and she has never gone to bed with one.

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