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Elizabeth - posted on 07/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son (21 months) got very upset the other night and cried so hard he couldn't catch his breath, turned blue and just about passed out before he was able to take a breath. I know that breath holding in toddlers is "normal" but I guess I didn't expect it to look like this. Anyone have similar things happen?


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well i can't say i've ever seen it but i used to do it. My mum called them blue fits. She said i used to scream until i passed out. She brought me to the doctor who told her to just leave me. My mum said the next time i did it, i fainted and she just left me there. I was outside and she was inside watching me, with her stomach and heart in her hands. LOL. My mum said, i just woke up, looked around and picked myself up. That's was the last time i did that. Oh and i only did that about 5 times, I was a good baby I tell you LOL

Carine - posted on 07/28/2010




Hi Elizabeth,

As scary and dramatic as it may seem rest assured that your little one is in no real danger. Even if he does pass out (which I hope not because this is really hard on us as parents) he will resume breathing. My Son has thrown violent tantrums as well. What really worked well for me was to place him in an environment where he would not hurt himself and walk away. Once he saw that I was not reacting whatsoever (as though nothing at all was going on) the tantrums decreased as well as the breath holding. Hope this helps you and your little guy!

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