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My sone turned 2 in February and brushing his teeth is the most frustrating part of our day. He hates it, I hate it. He's fine when it's his turn (however he just chews on the brush and sucks the tooth paste off) but when it's my turn to get in there and make sure everythings had a little brush, all hell breaks loose. Mouth is clamped shut and his head is turned away and he will not give in. I try singing (This is the way we brush our teeth...) I try getting him to make the noises Eeeee or Ahhhh. Nope. Sometimes he just starts crying, which is horrible (however his mouth is open wide so I can get to the molars). Brushing your teeth isn't supposed to be so stressful!

Anyone have any brilliant ideas to make this part of our day go a little smoother?


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Claudia - posted on 04/08/2009




When I was considering taking my son for his first dentist appointment, someone suggested getting one of those disney character electric toothbrushes to get him used to the rotating brush as well as the noise.  That has been the best investment we've made to date!  He got the CARS themed one and absolutely loves to use it (even without tooth polish) even with just water!   So I let him brush first and I know the rotating bristles are doing a better job that he would on his own and then it's my turn. 

Best wishes!

Frances - posted on 04/07/2009




I started giving my daughted a toothbrush to play with from about a year (she only got her first tooth at a year old!!) and she too mainly chews on it.  We often try brushing together so she will brush my teeth and then I'll use my tootbrush to brush her teeth and for a special treat (or if she clamps up) we'll get Daddy's electric toothbrush out.  This may be an idea to buy an electric toothbrush so it's more like a toy or a game and say if he's good then you can use it on him.

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