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Cynthia - posted on 05/23/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am really struggling to get my 19mos old to cooperate with brushing his teeth. He used to let me do some and he would do some. Now he wants total independence which primarily means chewing on or sucking on the toothbrush. Rarely can I get in there and actually clean his teeth. Recently I have tried having him besideme and looking in the mirror while I do it, but it seems every new tactic I try he tires of very quickly. If I try to "force" it, he gets very upset and I don't want brushing our/his teeth to turn in to a traumatic event! I am paranoid about dental hygiene and this stresses me out to no end. Any thoughts?


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I have my son show me his "monster teeth" (he opens wide and roars) to get to the inside, and then I have him say "eeeee" (like smiling) to get to the front teeth, and the outside of the back teeth. It took a while and some wrestling around to get him to sit still. The thing that worked first was to stand him on the counter so he could see his teeth in the mirror. Usually now I hold him on my lap and tip him back so I can see in his mouth. Another thing that worked: my husband would peek around the bathroom door and do silly things to make my son laugh, and while his mouth was open I would brush a few teeth. I just had to keep at it, and even now he gives me trouble once in a while, but all in all we are pretty successful. I also let him brush them himself first.

Eileen - posted on 05/23/2009




I believe that chewing on the brush, does brush the teeth. I used to have my daughter playing with the tooth brush while in the bath. I felt like that helped my daughter brush more carefully without putting the force into it. My daughter is 3 and she brushes her teeth about 7 times aday, she even tells me to not forget my tongue. I think you are starting off really well and I think your son will be great at brushing his teeth.

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